антигололедные реагенты

Deicing products
Deicing products of the new generation
Eco-friendly, safely, easy

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Противогололедные реагенты

Spray bottle or “push-pull” of 1 L
299,00 RUR.

Liquid Deicing Product
of The New Generation “Anti-Ice”

Description and characteristics of the deicing products:
Effective, eco-friendly, fast-acting deicing product, doesn’t imprint, safe for environment. Deicing product dissolves easily (>95% for 14 days). Is destined for deicing treatment of expensive surfaces made of marble, granite, ceramic granite, paving stone. Doesn’t influence the quality of concrete, asphalt. Deicing product may be used in the area with underground waters. Doesn't have analogues in Russia. Western analogues of this deicing product are used to struggle against lubricity at the territory of kindergartens, hospitals, bancs, parks, luxurious dwelling. Corrosivity of the deicing product towards the metal is close to the rainwater. Activates during the contact with snow and ice in the temperature range from 0°С to - 25°С.
Package: liquid deicing is packed in PET bottles of 1000 ml.
Composition: complex chemical compound based on potassium formate.

Deicing properties:
Is produced in form of colorless liquid, its density is approximate to water, has light, not irritating flavor of the chemical compound. Doesn’t freeze up to -40°С.
Mode of usage: Before the start of territory treatment it is necessary to clear the surface from loose snow. Approximate consumption of the deicing product is provided below and may be both increased and reduced subject to the current peculiarities of the object. Preliminary, opportune treatment minimize the compound’s consumption norms. After treatment with the compound the surface must be rubbed down. If necessary the treatment should be repeated (until the desired result). In case of correct use of the deicing product and instructions compliance the effect will be seen 15-20 minutes after treatment.

Ready for use! NOT INFLAMMABLE!

Precautions measures:
Places of compound's contact with the skin or mucous membranes shall be washed with the running water. Avoid eye contact. Not to ingest!
Deicing products should be kept out of the reach of children and domestic animals, in covered warehouses, avoid direct sunlight. Store at the temperature from -30°С to 30°С.

The product has the Health Certificate of the liquid deicing product ТУ 2432-002-70187879-2004.

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