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Liquid Anti-Ice

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“Antiled” LLC

Modern, eco-friendly deicing products Anti-Ice. The newest techniques of manufacture. We offer the best goods at the lowest prices. Production and sales.

“Anti-Ice” LLC is the Russian company producing and selling the deicing products Anti-Ice of the new generation. The company “Antiled” has started its activity in the market of deicing products since 2003. Our company puts into practice the program of Moscow Government concerning the care, health and well-being of the citizens and ecology of the city, implements the recent eco-friendly and safe materials to struggle against the winter lubricity.

Our company provides with the recent modern types of deicing products, such as:

  • Calcium chloride;
  • Magnesium chloride;
  • New liquid product based of calcium formate “Antiled”.

We offer co-operation to distributors:
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Office: 1, 42, prospect Vernadskogo, Moscow
Telephones: +7 (499) 431-07-07, +7 (965) 402-41-76, +7 (495) 972-97-50
E-mail: antiled@gmail.com
Hotline telephone: +7 (903) 363-75-37