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Antistress is natural bishofit.

Bishofit is natural magnesium polymineral.
The main component of bishofit is magnesium chloride. Besides it contains a compound of about 70 elements: sodium, bromine, boracium, potassium, calcium, molybdenum, ferrum, copper, ets. Bishofit was first discovered in form of the component in famous Stassfurt saliferous sediments in Germany by the German geologist and chemist Carl-Gustav Bischof at the end of XIX century whose name it has obtained. 1877 is the year of official discovery of bishofir. It is assumed, that the mineral represents the crystallized evaporation of the ancient sea that have lied over more than 200 million years in the Permian period, i.e. bishofit is an ancient crystallized salt.
Bishofit is easily soluble consequently, it is mined in an extraordinary way: by means of dry underground mineral layer dissolution with artesian water (desalination) at the depth of occurrence. Obtained salt brine is pumped upwards. The bore well workers used to wash their hand with this salt brine and noted that the arm joints stop to be aching after that. This curious fact attracted the doctors, bishofit has successfully passed necessary tests to prove its application in the medical aims.
Bishofits effects are defined by the biological properties of its main mineral – magnesium. A special effect of natural magnesium is also potentiated by micro- and ultramicroelements coming transcutaneous (through the skin). Bishofit is used in treatment of locomotor apparatus deseases (distorting arthrosis, rhemathoid arthritis, radiculitis, lumbodynia and other chronic and dystrophic diseases of locomotor and neuromuscular apparatus), in case of central and peripheral nervous system, dermathology abnormalities, in treatment of cardiovascular diseases – bishofitotherapy.
Bishofit is used as the dermatic and possesses anti-inflammatory, regenerating and analgesic action.
Bishofit (salt brine) is used in form of compresses, applications, solution for therapy tanks (1-2 kg), in hydrotherapy and physical therapy. Bishofit treatment is applied at various health stations. Magnesium and potassium in bishofit compound protects the cardiovascular system and improves the cerebral circulation, activates the metabolic processes, antagonizes the stress. Bromine balances the agitation and retardation processes in the cerebral cortex, and iodine normalizes functioning of the thyroid.
Bishofit use is contraindicated in case of open wounds, skin diseases in the area of application. However, there is some information about efficiency of bishofit applications and therapy tanks in case of psoriasis and eczema.

Shelf-life: no limitations in case of storage regulations compliance.
If the product consolidates, it should be covered with water till complete dissolution, to be used as intended.

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